Everyone has the right to travel.


Our mission is to help people travel more. We believe that by experiencing more of the world, this helps us make it a better place.

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True stories from real travelers

We're building the world's largest collection of bookable travel stories, written and curated by real travelers.

We are bringing you their travel stories, the memories they built traveling the world, the hidden gems they discovered, their little secrets.

It's all at your fingertips, to take inspiration from and build your own memories.

On Yonderbound you can book accommodations and activities directly from the first-hand experience of other fellow travelers.

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Share your memories and make some money

Welcome to the only place that lets you share your travel stories and make some money along the way.

Every time someone books an item from one of your travel stories, you get 70% of the sale profit.

Yes: seventy percent.

That's Yonderbound. And that's why travel will never be the same again.